Sunday, December 24, 2006

Riding in Style

Coche Cama vs Semi Cama
Argentinian buses are the best. Really. Everyone who has travelled the world says so. They are punctual, smooth and offer a variety of services depending on how luxurious you felt when you bought your ticket. The standard fare is called "Semi-Cama" (lit. half bed). There is economy but we have yet to see anyone buy such a ticket or had one offered to us. Semi-Cama gets you a very reclinable seat, a foot rest, some decent food and a movie or two. Today, we took Coche Cama.

There are three seats per row (a single and a double) and they are wiiiiide. They recline even further back, come with blankets and pillows and are ultra-comfy for those long hauls (or in our case, a 2-hour trip where we were the only ones on the upper level of the bus). It was sweet, and if you request seats 1 & 2, you are above the driver with a perfectly clear view of the road ahead, and to both sides. On the longer trips, Coche Cama passengers play bingo for wine, drink and feast as they roll on.
And what would it cost to upgrade to such luxurious spoils? Maybe 5 pesos, maybe 15 for a longer trip. That adds up to $1.75-$5.00 CAN. Now that we have tasted the best there really isn´t any going back.

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Gerry said...

Merry Christmas you two! Having a great Xmas waaaaaay up here in Whitehorse. Maybe you guys can arrange to have some of those buses brought up for Translink...